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Borrowed from Cooper Technologies

PPPoE IP AT&T setup

Netopia 3347NWG-ENT v8.5.1r4

ADSL Line Configuration

Trellis Coding Enabled: On

Fast Retrain Enabled: On

Data Link Encapsulation... PPP

Data Circuit VPI (0-255): 0

Data Circuit VCI (32-65535): 35


Connection Profile 1: Easy Setup Profile

Underlying Encapsulation... PPPoE

PPP Authentication... PAP

Send User Name: example6485@static.sbcglobal.net

Send Password: ********************

Address Translation Enabled:

IP Addressing... Unnumbered

Remote IP Address:

Remote IP Mask:


IP Easy Setup

Ethernet IP Address:

Ethernet Subnet Mask:

Domain Name:

Primary Domain Name Server:

Secondary Domain Name Server:

Default IP Gateway:

IP Address Serving: On

Number of Client IP Addresses: 100

1st Client Address: