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Creating Mailboxes As Distribution Groups with Postini Mail Filtering

November 20th, 2008

There are five main parts:

  1. Create the user mailbox on the server
  2. Set Shared Permissions
  3. Set up access to mailbox in Outlook
  4. Create Aliases at Postini Website
  5. Test it!


Part 1: Create the User Mailbox on the Server

Run Active Directory Users & Computers (Start, Run, DSA.MSC, OK)

Create a new User by clicking the button, or right-clicking the Users folder under the domain and choosing New, User (or the same under Actions)

In the Firstname field, type in the desired email address. Use standard internet conventions when creating the new email address: All lower case, no spaces, starts with a letter, only contains the characters a-z and 0-9, and the symbols – (hyphen) and _ (underscore).  Avoid all other characters, even if it seems like Microsoft accepts them (<>,.!@$%^&*+?\/ and all parenthesis).

Tab to the User Login Name field and repeat the email address. This will also fill in the pre-Windows 2000 login name. The other fields can be left blank.

Click Next, type in a password in the two text boxes, and enable the checkboxes for Password Never Expires and User cannot change password.  Leave the other checkboxes open and click Next.

Leave the checkmark on to create the Exchange Mailbox and click Next, and then click Finish.


Part 2: Set Shared Permissions

Right-click the newly created user and choose Properties.

Click the Exchange Advanced tab.

Click the Mailbox Rights button.

Using the Add button, type in the login name of each person that you wish to have some sort of access to the email distribution list, or type in the group Everyone to grant all users access (not as secure, but easier).

For each name added checkmark the Full Mailbox Access under the Allow column.

Click OK, OK, and exit the Active Directory Users and Computers tool.

Don’t forget to Log Off of the Server, BUT DON’T SHUT IT DOWN!


Part 3: Set up access to mailbox in Outlook

From within Outlook 2000, click Tools, Services.  If not in Outlook, open the Control Panel (Start, Control Panel) and double-click the Mail icon.

Select Microsoft Exchange Server in the list (if necessary) and click Properties.

Go to the Advanced tab.

Under Open these additional mailboxes click Add and type in the new distribution list email address and click OK.

Click OK as needed to exit.

Close Outlook, and reopen (or close the Control Panel and open Outlook) to see new mailboxes listed in the Folder List, usually on the left.


Part 4: Create Aliases at Postini Website

Open a web browser and log into the Postini website: http://login.postini.com.

Provide the required credentials, then choose System Administration within 5 seconds to beat the timer.

Click the Orgs and Users tab at the top.

Click Users at the top, under the bar in the previous step.

Select an existing name (i.e. emailname@domain.com) by clicking on it.

Click Aliases under the Settings section.

Type in the email address of the new email distribution list you created in the first step above, along with the @ sign and the full domain and then click the Add button.

Click the Logout link in the top right corner.

Close the browser window.


Part 5: Test it!

Send a new email and address it to the new distribution list email address.

Within minutes of clicking Send, the message should appear in the new mailboxes’ Inbox.  Verify that each person has the appropriate permissions that you set in Part 2 by attempting to open the mailboxes’ Inbox and its contents in Outlook when logged in as that user account.