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Calyx Point Tech Tips

The following info assumes:

Main loan file folder is called Main

Folder names as seen in the drop down lists are dictated by a value in the text file Folder.INI in the respective folder. For example, for Main Server Data Folder, the path to the INI from a workstation is F:\PNTData\Main\Folder.INI. The value is at the beginning, in the section [Folder] called Name=. Whatever follows the equals sign becomes the folder's name. Also located here is a value for the index level in use, IndexVersion. A value of 1 is the simple index, while a value of 2 is the "enhanced" index used by Extended Search.

Directory locations set up by Point Administrator are kept on each workstation in the file Winpoint.INI. This is found in the C:\Windows directory. It is used by all users of that workstation if in multiple profile mode. The section in question is titled [Directories] and has location values for locating the program, the templates, and each of the data folders.







Also located here is a section for the most recently used (MRU) files, under [Recent File List] in the format of:

[Recent File List]

File1=F:\WinPoint\.... whatever